Inspiration – 20 Brilliant Logo Designs

blogimg2 What is a BRAND? It is a very vague concept and everyone has a different way of defining it. When you think of branding, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you live or work on a farm, a brand is what you burn into a cowhide to identify the animal, but a brand for a company is much more. A brand is many components together that form an identity or trademark for a company or product. Much like the cow, a brand for a company solidifies the company’s identity and sets their services or products apart from the competition.

Every marketing and business expert strongly encourages the owners of small and large scale businesses to “BRAND” their companies with a logo, as well as marketing materials that are consistent across all channels. But what’s the reason behind this advice?

Accomplish the following reasons behind this:

  1. Convey that you’re well established
  2. Catch the attention of more potential customers
  3. Increase your integrity and credibility
  4. Make a memorable impression
  5. Help you stand out in your field
  6. Give the appearance of being professional
  7. Brand your business
  8. Offer your customers a sense of stability
  9. Communicate your message
  10. Meet expectations

In this post, you’ll find 20 brilliant logo designs that show off some good design principles in logo design.

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airparkmoruya1-300x208 Amroc-Global-Trading-300x208
bartenderontherock1-300x208 jameswashere-300x208
123ranx-300x208 buzzkill-300x208
dealmongrel-300x208 icanseethefloor-300x208
innovatemedicalgroup-300x208 liongamer-300x208
meengreen-300x208 rxhealthpoint-300x208
enrich-300x208 evance-300x208
flowerstoimpress-300x208 hunterhomes-300x208
linderlake-300x208 lisaruman-300x208
loveroses-300x208 wpunzipped-300x208

What do you think? Is a logo important to your business? Share your insights in the comments below!

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